Accessories & Giftware

Our Retro giftware make great gifts or a quirky look to

any home.


Dcuk Wooden Birds

Whether you prefer your wooden bird in natural wood, wearing welly boots, items of clothing or with a hand painted finish, you can be sure that every piece will be a quality handmade, individual and utterly unique keepsake.



Metal Wine Holders

Our metal wine holders are available in a variety of different figures or objects. They make an ideal gift and a great place to store your favourite bottle of wine!



Wooden Giftware

Our wooden giftware, range from small owls to a full size Butler figure! 

Also Tin Tin and Snowy the dog are a popular favourite!


Wooden Crates

These wooden crates come in three different sizes and have a theme printed on each side. The themes can be anything from Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland, Real Ales, Fine Wines and many more.


Metal Chickens

These metal chickens can look great indoors or out in the garden.  The metal is painted to give a creative but realistic look.

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